Message from the PTA

Dear SMS Community,

Memorial Day WE is almost over. ALMOST….  We are so excited to report that about 5 minutes ago, we received confirmation of a match donation for this year’s play-a-thon. The Wazelle Family, (1st grade and incoming Kindergarten Parents) have been able to secure $5,000 to match your donation through a close family member.

If you have not donated yet to this year’s play-a-thon (and we know that many of you have not as we are only at 44% of this year’s goal, sorry, I know this stings), your donation will be  matched. IMAGINE this: You donate $333 today. The donation will be matched by the Wazelle match and then maybe even tripled by your own company? At the end The  Music Side of SMS will have received $999!

The Play-a-thon is not over yet. You have 2 more days to contact your uncle, cousin, sponsor etc to contribute. And if we don’t give, the $5,000 will be lost.  Our kids depend on involvement. I realize that we are all tired, but honestly, we cannot be underperform now after such a stellar year of record fundraising!  A huge Thank you! to the Wazelle Family!

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