Katie’s Korner – Welcome Back SMS!

Dear Families,

As Desmond Tutu said, “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

As we look forward to another school year, we are filled with anticipation of the good that our Special Music School community can bring to the world–and we are proud of the place that SMS holds in the landscape of public schools here in NYC. We are proud of the work we did last year in mathematics and science engineering, and it paid off with 100% of our students meeting or exceeding state standards. Congratulations to our hard-working teachers and students. This


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This year the faculty will move forward with our focus on engineering, and incorporate some new work around the reading of primary source documents. We are grateful to welcome back our staff developer, Bebe Morrissey who will be working collaboratively with all our reading and history teachers with this new initiative.

We also want to begin the year by thanking Ann Wazelle and Marjorie Penrod Rellstab for leading our PTA this year. It is a big responsibility that adds such support to our teachers, students, and parent community. Our first PTA meeting is September 15th at 8:15 in the MLK Library. Thanks Ann and Marjorie.

Every parent should have received a welcome letter from their K-8 teachers or from Kristen Palmieri for the High School. You will also receive an invitation to complete a google form containing information about transportation, media consent, lunch forms and many other important items. Please complete and submit this form as quickly as possible. Additionally, we will also send home two emergency blue cards. (A reminder to 7th and 12th grade families that we will need updated immunization records.)

This year we welcome a number of new staff members including:
Lisa Rafofsky will be teaching kindergarten while Stephanie Cherubin is out on maternity leave (lisar@specialmusicschool.org)
Nastassia Almonte will join us as School Secretary (nastassia@specialmusicschool.org)
Patricia Skelly will be joining us as Guidance Counselor/ College Counselor (patricia@specialmusicschool.org)

We will also say goodbye to Martin Nolan, our K-8 School Aide. Many of you know that Martin writes comedy and for MLB programing. He has decided to pursue his writing career full time. He will be deeply missed. We will look to fill his position in October.

A reminder, we ask parents in grades K-8 to meet their child in their lesson room for lessons. Please do not pick your child up from their academic classroom.

Another reminder for K-8 families, if for any reason your child needs to leave school early, please email attendance@specialmusicschool.org 24 hours in advance. For safety reasons, students will not allow any child to leave during the school day without proper notification from a parent.

High School parents should refer to the early dismissal policy in the High School Handbook.

I hope all parents are able to log on to their child’s NYC Schools account and review test scores, attendance and other important information. If not, please reach out to Lisa Stump, our Parent Coordinator (lisa@specialmusicschool.org.)

September 6th
All new high school students should join us for orientation in the MLK Auditorium from 11:00-1:00.

September 7th, First Day of School
We invite elementary parents to walk their children up to their classroom at 8:30.
Middle school students will begin orientation at 9:00am in the Mezzanine of Kaufman.
High School Students will report at 10:00am to MLK.
Kindergarten parent orientation at 12:30 in the kindergarten classroom.

Dismissal for kindergarten students is 11:30am on Sept. 7th and 8th.
Dismissal for middle school will be 2:20.
Dismissal for elementary school will be 2:50.
Dismissal for HS students at 3:05.

Upcoming Dates:
Friday, September 15th: PTA Meeting 8:15am (MLK)
Thursday, September 28th, Curriculum Night
September 21st, and 22nd: Schools Closed

Here’s to another wonderful school year SMS!

Katie Banucci-Smith and Kristen Palmieri

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