Chess Club


January 5 – June 22, 2018

Friday’s 3:00pm-4:15pm Library KMC 2nd floor

Students will learn, expand and develop their skills in this class. While tactical training will be the main focus, we will also explore fundamental endgames, strategic themes and review great games in chess history. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking and problem solving.

Students will train to compete in several novice and beginner tournaments and of course play lots of chess!

Why Chess?

Academic Enrichment

Multiple studies indicate that youngsters who learn and practice chess enjoy remarkable growth in areas as diverse as math, language, music and science.

Logical Thinking

Chess enhances children’s executive functioning skills enabling them to plan ahead, reason strategically, shift gears and problem solve.

Empathy, Risk-Taking & Resilience

Young chess players are strengthening their resilience – the ability to return and try again after a setback. They are building empathy – for their teammates and their opponents. They are growing as risk takers, ready to jump in when they spot an opportunity.

The Fun is in the Learning!



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